Arai Te Uru Kokiri Training Centre (Kokiri Training Centre) has provided education, training and support in a kaupapa Maori environment since 1983.

Kokiri was an initiative of a few of the dedicated members of the Araiteuru Marae Council in Dunedin, New Zealand, and was originally formed to provide a work skills programme for the many young unemployed Maori at that particular time.

Originally an Incorporated Society it was restructured as a Charitable Trust in 2011.

Throughout the intervening years the Kokiri Training Centre has always adapted to the changing and challenging economic and political environment providing a variety of high quality educational and training programmes.

Kokiri Training Centre has never lost sight of who we are, and why we exist. As laid out in the Trust Deed, this is to promote the advancement of education and vocational training and the care, support, and development of all people in our community.

Today it is the only remaining Maori Private Training Establishment (PTE) south of Christchurch.

Education and vocational training is delivered through holistic and integrated programmes in a kaupapa Maori environment to accommodate the needs of all tauira, and in particular the Maori/Pasifika community, is Kokiri Training Centre’s unique point of difference to other organisations.

Kokiri Training Centre is highly regarded by government agencies, the Maori and Pasifika community, the general community, and business.

The Kokiri Training Centre has in place the necessary framework of resources including New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) accreditation, and skilled staff, supported and guided by strong governance from the Trustees.

Our Vision

Kokiri Training Centre offers a range of programmes using both conventional and technologically driven approaches. Our primary focus will always be on those who respond best to our safe, supportive and unique cultural and learning environment. Our programmes will challenge our tauira to strive for success. 

Our Mission

The Kokiri Training Centre strives for the highest standards of training, education and personal success for a diverse range of people in a unique cultural environment.

Guiding Principles

The following values and principles are used to guide decision making and the strategic direction of Kōkiri Training Centre.

  • Rangatiratanga (Self-determination) – we will demonstrate strong leadership, good governance, transparent decision-making and work together as a team to achieve our goals.
  • Manaakitanga (Looking after our people) – we must provide for active involvement of the tauira and the community in various host relationships and ongoing educational needs of our tauira, thus enhancing the mana of the tauira and the community.
  • Kaitiakitanga (Stewardship) – we will, in the ways we can, safeguard and enhance the interests of mana whenua, the land, the resources, tikanga and taonga for future generations.
  • Kotahitanga (Unity) – we must take leadership decisions aimed at fostering unity amongst the trustees, staff, management, staff and our community by making the collective interests of these members the prime responsibility. We will foster and create an enduring environment of learning, story-telling and celebration.
  • Wairuatanga (Spiritual well-being) – we celebrate the spiritual dimension within Te Ao Māori.
  • Whānaungatanga (Family) – we will involve our people in decision-making processes, and keep them informed of our activities.
  • Ahi kā (Presence) – we acknowledge the place and traditions of Mana Whenua.